The tour rider

1. Visa support

If necessary, (All costs are covered by the inviting party).

2. Transport

Railway transport: 5 places (1 complete coupe, 1 the place is designed for luggage). Moving actors in rail transport should not exceed 18 no.
When you move the team on tours to railway transport, It must be guaranteed by the location of the artists in the same carriage.
Air transport – 4 seats (luggage with costumes necessarily the same flight).
motor transport – organization of delivery of the artists from the airport or train station to the hotel and at the end of touring performances from the hotel to the airport or railway station.
Arrangements for delivery of the artists during their tour of the hotel before the show site and back to the place of performance to the hotel – at least minibus 6 seats (2 space for costumes), in winter warm.
During the entire tour, porter service required.
Delivery Organization artists and luggage on tour from the Base to the airport or railway station, and at the end of the tour from the airport or train station to the Base.

3. Accommodation

Comfortable hotel – 2 double rooms. collective accommodation necessarily in the same hotel.

4. Concert hall

no less 5 meters in length, 4 meters deep and 3 meters in height.
Excluded performances in the sand, on the grass, wet from rain site, old asphalt, on slippery surfaces, on rough wooden surfaces.
When bad for ballet rooms covering, performance takes place on the floor, fingers. Sound carrier MD, CD.
During the show, – smoke and light design.
Spacious, Lockable dressing room next to the concert venue (mirror, table,chairs, hanger, mineral water, tea).

5. Food

Full board (3 once a day).

6. Security

Artists security guarantee during a tour.

7. Health care

If necessary, emergency medical assistance to artists.